Male Dorm

TL0.00a night

Room Details

In this 'Men Only' room, we have 6 beds. There are bunks that are specially designed for our hostel. Each bed on the bunks has curtains and when you close the curtain, you will have your privacy. For each bed, there is a headlight, two plugins, a shelf to put your books, mobile phones or laptops. There is a huge drawer for each of our guests. You can lock these drawers either by your own lockers or rent a locker from us. 

You can watch The Old Town ( Paspatur ) or have some chat with your roommates at the room's balcony.

There is air-conditioner in the room both for cooling and warming the air.

Room Features

  • Balcony
  • Free WiFi
  • Air Condition
  • Hair Dryer